Retail: 75
Retail: 188

Joanna Stahl | #140

The founder of the fitness search engine and group fitness instructor for Equinox and Crunch sits down with us in New York to discuss her venture, current trends in fitness, the workout desires and differences of Millennials and Baby Boomers and the Peloton phenomenon.

Lyndsey Lang | #139

The chief strategy officer for the Orlando, FL-based payment technology company delves into the proper payment processing strategies for small- and medium-sized retailers. FattMerchant, which says it was the first firm to market subscription-based payment processing plans, offers a one-stop experience to operate all things payment-related.

Bill Kirkendall | #138

The longtime industry executive and CEO of the Running Specialty Group dishes on the specialty run marketplace, the Denver company’s acquisition strategy, the future of the Olympia Sports banner in New England, and his hopes for the overall running business in 2020.

Irwin P. Raij | #137

The O’Melveny attorney and Co-Chair of the Sports Industry Group address some of the crucial issues that still must be addressed in the wake of the NCAA’s recent decision to allow student-athletes to benefit from the name, image and likeness in 2021.

Jared Robins | #136

Jared Robins, president of NoSweat, says the start-up is aiming to raise $1.5 million in Series A funding by the end of 2020. Performance, safety and hygiene are the pillars of the Minneapolis company. NoSweat makes performance headwear liners that you can peel and stick inside your headwear.

Angelo Ng | #135

Angelo Ng, who spent more than 18 years working for Levi Strauss in a variety of roles and nearly four years at Nike, has been hired by Wolverine Worldwide as the company’s first-ever Chief Merchant Officer.

Jeff Garabedian | #134

Jeff Garabedian, head of global performance running apparel for New Balance, discusses the brand’s third year as the race’s official footwear and apparel sponsor.

Monica Eaton-Cardone | #133

The COO and Co-Founder of Chargebacks911 and Chief Information Officer of Global Risk Technologies, discusses security and fraud issues that may face retailers during the Holiday 2019 season, six days shorter than in 2018, and...

Ed Schauder | #132

Ed Schauder, who heads the sports law practice for Phillips Nizer in New York, talks about the far-reaching impact of possible legislation like California’s “Fair Pay to Play” Act on the future of collegiate sports and licensing. He has more than 30 years year experience in the sports and entertainment space, creating programs to protect and market intellectual property and negotiating licensing and corporate sponsorships and endorsement pacts.

Keaton Hendricks | #131

Sky Outfitters, started by college student Keaton Hendricks, is selling socks, beanies and scarves. And the three-year old Indiana company, which follows a similar business strategy similar to Bombas, wants to help the nation’s less fortunate in homeless shelters in the process.

Sam Garzon | #130

Sam Garzon, the founder and CEO of Miami-based UnoZero, says the young company’s name was inspired by all the soccer greats who have worn the number 10 on the pitch. Everyone from Pele and Zidane to Totti.

Mike Cosentino | #129

Mike Cosentino, founder and CEO of Big Peach Running Co., a seven-door run specialty retail chain based in Atlanta, made a bold move in August 2018, purchasing a 33-foot vehicle from a company in Marietta, GA that specializes in food trucks.

Mary Steinebrunner | #128

After nearly two decades in the business, Mary Steinebrunner is still in love with the protective footwear industry. And she’s always thinking about what might come next for her company, which shoes workers worldwide in food processing plants, on oil rigs and in the wild for weekend warriors and dairy farmers alike.

Jeff Irvin | #127

Irvin digs into the compression garment market and CEP’s role in advancing the category.

Rodney McLeod | #126

The NFL veteran says the menswear brands featured in his new “Back of the House” retail store and pop-up shops will allow customers to create their own aesthetic and sense of style.

Evan Polivy | #125

The Rafter Club is embracing the creativity of basketball kicks and merging it into Italian-sourced dress shoes and boots. The brand wants to elevate basketball viewing culture to another level focused more on leather couches and scotch and less on beers at the bar.

RIA KICK Show, Denver | #124

Catching up with RIA Executive Director Terry Schalow, Nike’s Scott Gravatt, 361’s Ike Avalear, New Balance’s Tom Carleo, Altra’s Todd Dalhausser and Big Peach Running Co. owner Mike Cosentino.

Dan Fitzgerald | #123

Serving Boston’s diverse running community to Dan Fitzgerald is more about overdelivering services and less about simply selling stuff. The Heartbreak Hill Running Co. Co-Founder and president weighs in on the run specialty market, Beantown’s running scene and expansion for his current three-door specialty chain.

New Balance Launch | #122

Catching up with athletes Jenny Simpson, Jake Wightman, VP of Running Tom Carleo and designers Drew Nyssen and Drew Spieth during New Balance’s global FuelCell launch in Brooklyn, NY.

Sara Irvani | #121

The 31-year-old leader of the family-owned footwear company talks ‘Made in the USA,’ sustainability and the Buford, GA firm’s recent deals with J. Crew and Target.

James Jesserer | #120

Jesserer talks sock and what the Statesville, NC company is doing to keep its edge in performance and continue making products in the USA.

Paul Foley | #119

The former longtime Nike executive discusses how the Needham, MA company helps footwear and apparel firms address product counterfeiting, diversion/grey market and global logistics issues.

Tom Cove | #118

Tom Cove weighs in on current climate in Washington, D.C., the status of the PHIT Act and the debate over e-sports.

Luke Rowe | #117

Marathoner and CEP senior executive Luke Rowetalks compression socks.

Tom Adams | #116

Shoe Dog and former Catholic priest Tom Adams talks tech and the real need to replace the centuries-old shoelace.

Josh Stenzler & Aaron Gillette | #115

DeMarini executives Josh Stenzler, a sports advanced innovation engineer, and Aaron Gillette, associate marketing manager, talk about baseball bats and the brand’s new 2020 Gattaca BBCOR bat.

Nancy Richardson | #114

San Antonio Shoemakers CEO Nancy Richardson talks about the casual, comfort footwear market and domestic manufacturing.

Jason Polstein | #113

CEO of RIP-IT addresses face mask protection for female softball players.

John Brinkman | #112

The CEO of Icybreeze talks about the wonder of a portable cooling solution.

David Salisbury | #111

Director of product development for Star Micronics discusses world of retail point-of-sale and customer engagement.

Jack Curry | #110

VP of Sales for 2UNDR goes beneath the surface to detail the men’s performance underwear market.

Warren Tuttle | #109

The president and director of the United Inventors Association talks strategies for young creators.

Matt Priest | #108

Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America's Matt Priest looks ahead to issues facing the industry in 2019.

Terry Schalow | #107

Running Industry Association's Terry Schalow looks ahead to issues facing the industry in 2019.

Tom Cove | #106

SFIA's Tom Cove looks ahead to issues facing the industry in 2019

Patricia Rojas-Ungar | #105

OIA's Patricia Rojas-Ungar looks ahead to issues facing the industry in 2019

Cara Griffin & Jen Beaudry | #104

Formula4Media editors talk trends and FFANY, The Running Event and Nike’s new House of Innovation on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Duncan Finigan & Dr. Rob Conenello | #103

OOFOS executive and podiatrist discuss the rise of the brand and what makes it special to wearers.

Chris Quatrochi | #102

Nautilus executives talk about physical fitness today and the brand’s new AI-driven Max Intelligence platform.

Harry Arnett | #101

President of OGIO Intl. discusses rebranding and strategic direction of brand now owned by Callaway Golf.

John Scipio | #100

The AND1 GM dishes on the returnof The Tai Chai, basketball and the draw of ComplexCon.

Joe Pellegrini | #99

The RW Baird managing director discusses the industry, M&A climate and offers insight on recent deals.

Karen Giberson | #98

The president of The Accessories Council talks retail, trends and an upcoming event with The Council for Leather Exports/India.

Matthew Schreiner | #97

The industry veteran and global product leader for Gore-Texfootwear talks tech and component branding.

Jim Baugh | #96

The CEO and president of PHIT America discusses actions taken by thenon-profit to the stem the U.S. inactivity pandemic, including GO! Grants to U.S. Schools and the PHIT Act bill before Congress.

Dave Goldberg | #95

Entrepreneur and Long Island native Dave Goldberg dishes onhis business relationship with two streetwear brands that began in the 1980s,Ewing and Troop.

Chris Garrett | #94

FootJoy marketing executive dishes on the history of the iconic golfbrand and its new luxury 1857 Collection.

Nicole Morris | #93

Professional stylist and apparel brand owner dishes on whatit takes to outfit NBA and NFL players and launch a streetwear brand.

Sam Wilding | #92

XOnano co-founder and lead engineer discusses the Orem, UT company’s advanced sensing materials and how they are being utilized in the sporting goods industry and beyond.

J.P. Hartigan | #91

Shadowman Sports CEO and industrial designer talks safety in rugby, football using company’s tackling system.

Cara, Jennifer, and Emily of F4M | #90

Catching up with the editorial director and editors at Formula4Media.

Michael Levinson | #89

The senior director of sales and marketing for Quality Corrections & Inspections, the largest rework operation in the U.S., discusses the nature of the business and details a new program created to help retailers deal with returns.

Karin deLeon | #88

The executive director of the Central American and DominicanCouncil of Apparel and Textiles (CECATEC) talks CAFTA and how the apparel andtextile industries are faring across the region.

João Maia | #87

The general manager of the Portuguese Footwear Federation (APICCCAS) trade group dishes on the country’s diversified shoe industry that employs more than 47,000 and exported more than 83.7 billion pairs in 2017.

Mark Berejka | Ep. #86

REI’s director of government and community affairs dishes on the outdoor recreation economy and the Confluence Accords signed by eight states during Outdoor Retailer.

Wayne Kulkin | #85

The Co-founder of StreetTrend LLC and past CEO of Stuart Weitzman is working to create a holding house of unique footwear concepts, opening a global marketplace for hundreds of artisans who don’t currently have global exposure.

Bill Sells | #84

The SVP of government and public affairs for the Sports & Fitness Industry Association talks trade, tariffs and a new development with the PHIT Act.

Janet Ries | #83

The VP of marketing for Carhartt talks about the family-owned business and how it will approach marketing and reaching new consumers in the months ahead.

Patrick Warren | #82

The former Skechers Kids and Xtep Footwear senior design director discusses the new children’s footwear brand, Robokix, he has co-founded with Chinese manufacturer Apex.

Jonathan Cedars | #81

The CEO and Co-founder of BioLite details the Brooklyn and Nairobi, Kenya company’s Parallel Innovation business model.

Mark Watterson | #80

The director of iFit for Icon Health & Fitness discusses Nordictrack’s foray into home fitness programming and personalized, subscription nutrition.

Shawn McBride | #79

The EVP of Sports at Ketchum Sports and Entertainment returns to dish on the upcoming 2018 World Cup taking place in Russia, including how the global event will be viewed.

Ed Byman | #78

The founder of Global Value Commerce addresses the practice of buying, selling and trading golf equipment online.

Moritz Schiebold | #77

Inside the science of finding the perfect fit with Moritz Schiebold, CEO of Volumental.

Tim Leatherman | #76

Inventor and mechanical engineer Tim Leatherman reminisces on the 35th anniversary of his company and the multi-tool that bears his name, including its eight years in the making.

Barry Ryan | #75

Industry veteran Barry Ryan talks about the merino wool phenomenon and the dual popularity of Glerups, the 25-year old Danish brand he represents.

Colby Cohen | #74

The former NHL player talks about his transition to broadcaster and entrepreneur, including his Endeavor fitness apparel brand.

Joe De Sena and Eric Schenker | #73

Spartan Founder/CEO and CRAFT Sportswear’s North America CEO discuss a new global partnership.

Nikki Barua | #72

The old way of retail is dead, and there is a massive opportunity to re-invent, proclaims the CEO of Beyond Curious in Los Angeles.

Matt O’Toole | #71

President of Reebok dishes on the brand’s mission and objectives from its headquarters in Boston.

Gabriella Santaniello | #70

Retail expert dishes on what’s going right and wrong in industry today and weighs in on the Walmart vs. Amazon tussle.

Guy Yehiav | #69

The CEO of Profitect addresses the right medicine for changing the paradigm of accountability—prescriptive analytics.

Pat Ryan | #68

Batter Up! The global product director for baseball/softball at Wilson Sports details the new USA Baseball standard that took effect Jan 1.

Patrick Clark | #67

President of Nextwave, a Buford, discusses benefits of an on-demand apparel microfactory, a bridge to Just In Time manufacturing, from Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas.

Shawn McBride | #66

Ketchum Sports & Entertainment EVP talks Olympics—impact of three consecutive Games in Asia, corporate guerilla marketing and drawing in younger consumers.

Tyson McGuffin | #65

Tennis pro Tyson McGuffin, 28, talks about the rising popularity of pickleball and how he became a champion in the sport.

Bob Mullaney | #64

The 20-year shoe and retail industry veteran, recently named president and CEO of RG Brands, dishes on the comfort footwear business and Barry’s iconic Dearfoams brand.

Bob Smith | #63

The design consultant who began his 20-year career as a graphic artist for Nike dishes on the blur between lifestyle and performance.

Rob & Mike Barnes | #62

The co-founders of Selkirk Sports, a Hayden, ID maker of Pickleball paddles and accessories, dish on the rise of the sport that counted 2.5 million participants in 2015.

Brendan Candon | #61

CEO of SidelineSwap, an online marketplace for used sports gear and equipment, dishes on the market and whether it steps on the toes of traditional, full-line retailers.

Dave McGillivray | #60

The long-time race director and long-distance runner weighs in on marathon participation, the future of event marketing and his latest venture.

Paul Froio | #59

Reebok’s VP of U.S. Retail and Direct-to-Consumer channels talks about the company’s new South Boston headquarters and adjacent global flagship store.

Aquiles M. Bermùdez P. | #58

The former president of the Dominican Association of Free Zone Companies addresses the industry, Dominican Republic’s infrastructure and Footwear Technology Institute.

W. Andrew Martin | #57

The managing director for Baird in Charlotte, NC discusses the M&A climate, consumer loyalty to brands today and the impact of private label.

Mark Sullivan | #56

The president of Formula4Media, LLC previews The Running Event conference and trade show set for November 28-December 1 in Austin, Texas.

Bryan Smeltzer | #55

The general manager of Zamst Americas talks sports protectives, dispelling some of the consumer and athlete misconceptions about the category.

Emily Walzer | #54

Emily Walzer, Textile Insight editor, Jennifer Beaudry-Ernst, footwear specialist, and contributor Kurt Gray, owner of SimplyGrayDesign, dish on key trends from OR.

Judith A. Russell | #53

Shifting consumer purchasing patterns are vital to understanding today’s marketplace. Russell, offered up her thoughts at TexWorld in NY on a panel with SI Extra’s Bob McGee.

Will Decker | #52

Family-owned Silicon Valley firm Plug and Play, which dubs itself the “Ultimate Startup Ecosystem,” has raised over $6 billion in venture funding during its 11 years.

Matthew Lyon | #51

In the fragmented hydration market, where price points for performance products are on the rise, HydraPak is an OE supplier to numerous brands and has its own lightweight, flexible products.

Eric Hayes | #50

Superfeet Celebrates 40th Anniversary. The employee-owned company introduces footwear and rolls out a 3D printed insole program.

Shawn Neville | #49

BOA introduces New Tech and Names New CEO. Nothing will constrict Boa Technology CEO Shawn Neville from helping the Denver company improve its customized fit solution.

Mariquel Waingarten and Gaston Frydlewski | #48

No strings attached. The married Argentinean couple has raised nearly $20 million for Hickies.

Michelle Carmichael | #47

The Co-founder and Managing Partner of Partners Growth, which brings premium brands into the U.S. market, talks Finnish children’s wear brand Reima.

Brian Beckstead | #46

Six-year old Altra is teaming with Utah State University to develop outdoor design talent.

Declan Condron | #45

Let's Go Hyperwear: Former Equinox personal trainer merges the innovative, functional fitness gear from Austin, TX company with programming for schools, camps and institutions.

Hugues Gontier | #44

Sly and Simple. and its technology enable a retailer to interact with customers in store and track traffic. No beacon required. The CMO explains the benefits of the platform.

Reza Raji | #43

The CEO of Xenio Systems talks about the company’s new platform that tracks where shoppers spend time in physical stores and its patented hyper-positioning technology.

Jacob Torres Espino | #42

The director of export promotion for Mexico’s Guanajuato State government agency addresses the proposed impact of the Border Adjustment Tax by the U.S. 

Isabelle Ohnemus | #41

The founder and CEO of EyeFitU, a former investment banker, talks ‘glocal’ assortments, shoppers’ personal sizing and global web payment options.

Tom Cove | #40

The president and CEO of the SFIA addresses the most serious threat the industry has faced in the past half-century and the expected re-introduction of the PHIT Act by Congress.

Matteo Scarparo | #39

The Italian global trade expert in footwear talks about the present and future of TheMicam trade show  and the potential impact of a Border Adjustment Tax in the U.S. on imported shoes.

Dr. James Eakin | #38

Dr. James Eakin, chief marketing officer and director of U.S. operations for Xenoma, discusses the  e-skin shirt and entire wearable category.

Rusty Saunders | #37

Industry senior statesman Rusty Saunders dishes on industry leadership, pressing issues and the inactivity pandemic.

Barbara Barclay | #36

Expert Barbara Barclay, president of RightEye, talks eye-tracking technology and her company’s recent alliance with Major League Baseball and USA Baseball.

Julie Sylvester | #35

Julie Sylvester, Executive Producer at Living in Digital Times, talks trends likely to emerge at Sports and FitnessTech Summit at CES in Las Vegas.

Chris Palmer | #34

Chris Palmer, Founder and CEO of BoxFox, talks excess inventory and solutions for vendors, retailers and distributors.

Susie McCabe | #33

Susie McCabe, SVP of global retail for Under Armour who previously spent 16 years at The Ralph Lauren Corp., dishes on UA’s retail strategy and new Brand House in Boston.

Tom Cove | #32

On the eve of Election Day, we talk to three leading industry lobbyists on how the results may impact trade in the sporting goods, outdoor and apparel and footwear industries.

Rich Harper | #31

On the eve of Election Day, we talk to three leading industry lobbyists on how the results may impact trade in the sporting goods, outdoor and apparel and footwear industries.

Stephen Lamar | #30

On the eve of Election Day, we talk to three leading industry lobbyists on how the results may impact trade in the sporting goods, outdoor and apparel and footwear industries.

Bill McInnis | #29

The president of Reebok Future discusses the intent of the unit and the brand’s plans to develop footwear in a new way.

Tom Fowler | #28

Polar USA CEO Tom Fowler talks technology and the future of smart wearables.

Paul Schille | #27

TREW CEO Paul Schille dishes on the eight-year old company in the process of completing its Series A round of funding and his dual career.

Jason Kaplan | #26

Milestone Sports CEO Jason Kaplan dishes on the company’s low-cost, wearable pod and how it will help specialty retailers connect.

Duncan Finigan | #25

OOFOS marketing executive talks about the recovery footwear brand and candidly about her courageous personal health journey.

Matt Priest | #24

Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America President Matt Priest the likelihood of the Trans-Pacific Partnership being passed soon.

David and Josh Higgins | #23

ING Source executives dish about compression technology and the Hickory, NC company’s breakthrough OS1st Brace Layer System.

Charles Liberge | #22

Jones & Vining’s Charles Liberge addresses strategies and directions for the iconic brand.

Jim Baugh | #21

PHIT America’s Jim Baugh dishes on the inactivity pandemic.

Sue Dooley and John Daher | #20

Rockport Group senior executives talk about the brand’s fresh start under new ownership that has a major emphasis on versatility.

Josh Shaw | #19

Mission Athletecare CEO Josh Shaw says thermoregulation is the New York company’s singular focus.

Tim Porth | #18

Tim Porth of Octane Fitness talks trends, Zero Runner and the company’s January acquisition by Nautilus Inc.

David Costello | #17

The principal and founder of Rising Tide Associates talks about industry advocate lobbying for the domestic textile and footwear industries.

Steven D’Angelo | #16

The ‘47 brand executive dishes on the Boston company and long-time MLB licensee founded by his father Arthur and his late Uncle Henry.

Pam Gelsomini and CB Tuite | #15

Pam Gelsomini, president, and CB Tuite, VP–sales, discuss the company’s products, partnerships and what’s new for the season ahead.

Kenneth G. Andres | #14

The trade show director for the American Sportfishing Association casts comments on the activity’s popularity, and trends in fishing.

Dick Sullivan | #13

The president and CEO of PGA Tour Superstore takes a swing at the growth of the 24-door chain and the game in 2016.

Dave Coradini | #12

The VP of sales and sponsorships for Spalding, Dave Coradini talks Shot Tracker and basketball.

Scott McGuire | #11

The executive brand and product innovation leader dishes to F4M’s Emily Walzer on an array of topics.

Kelly Davis | #10

Snow Sports Industries of America’s Kelly Davis talks weather, participation trends and how to handle the psyche.

Kevin Davis | #9

The CEO of Performance Sports Group dishes on new bat standards and Own the Moment.

Gene McCarthy, Pt 2 | #8

Gene McCarthy, president of Asics America, speaks to Jen Ernst Beaudry on specialty run and more in the second part of the podcast.

Gene McCarthy, Pt 1 | #7

Gene McCarthy, new president of Asics Americas, dishes to F4M’s Jen Ernst Beaudry in the first of a two-part podcast.

Richie Woodworth | #6

Saucony’s Richie Woodworth offers his views on brand’s running business and what it takes to manage through change.

Bruce Cazenave | #5

Bruce Cazenave, CEO of Nautilus Inc., recently ranked 23rd on Fortune’s “Fastest Growing Companies” list.

Tony Armand | #4

Armand is leading USB, created after the April merger of Shock Doctor and McDavid.

Gary Smith | #3

Gary Smith has been at the helm of the Lawrence, MA firm for three years, and his 2016 strategies will broaden Polartec’s scope.

Marty Hanaka | #2

City Sports CEO Marty Hanaka has 42 years in retail, starting at Sears in 1973.

Mike Dowse | #1

Wilson Sporting Goods, one year removed from its 100th anniversary and a major restructuring, has a renewed focus and strategy.

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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Vol 1, Issue No. 33