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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Vol 1, Issue No. 33

The Buzz: ING Source, Poler

Poler, owned by Pacific & Everest Lifestyle Co., is re-emerging under CEO Cape Capener. The company, under previous ownership, filed for Chap. 7 bankruptcy and liquidated its assets in January. The brand’s ecommerce business and flagship store are slated to return in December with new gear and apparel, dubbed Poler 2.0 gear, in development for Spring 2021.

ING Source, parent of OS1st, the compression bracing and specialty sock maker, is relocating to a 40,000-sq.ft. facility in Hickory, NC to better support distribution and product development and strengthen the company’s presence across all markets. The new address is: 1340 14th Ave. Ct SW, Hickory, NC. Telephone is: (828) 855-0481.