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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Vol 1, Issue No. 33

An Eco-Centric Approach to Fabrics

Sourcing starts at the Performance Forum where table and wall displays highlight the latest developments in functional fabrics for active/outdoor.

The Performance Days trade show, held at the Munich fairgrounds on November 13-14, got off to a fast start with an energized atmosphere, steady traffic in the aisles and packed attendance at presentations on the latest trends and technologies in functional fabrics.

A mini conference called “sustain&innovate” debuted on Day 2 of the show. A spirit of sustainability was the main takeaway from this Performance Days. Newness came in the form of momentum in eco textile trends across all categories — from baselayer materials made from a variety of natural and biodegradable fibers to waterproof/breathable laminates used in outerwear that can be recycled.

“Sustainability is a catalyst not a competition,” remarked one vendor, noting how the industry’s collective climate-consciousness has reached the next level to become a loud rallying cry for a cleaner, greener world. If it wasn’t already obvious, Performance Days made perfectly clear that eco is the engine driving textile innovation and members of functional fabric community need to be on board, or get left behind. For more detailed coverage of the Performance Days trade show, visit