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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Vol 1, Issue No. 33

What’s Hot, What’s New?

K-Swiss and Foot Locker are teaming up to release a new collection of ‘Ghostbusters’ footwear that celebrates the 1984 flick. Made first available to attendees at a weekend Ghostbusters Fan Fest in Los Angeles, the styles will hit stores and on June 13. K-Swiss styles, Classic 200 and Si-18 International have been colored-up by sneaker customizer Alexander-John so that each resembles the movie’s villains, Slimer and Puft Marshmallow Man.

Mizuno introduces the latest iteration of its technical swimsuit, the GX-Sonic IV—in time for the summer competition season—featuring a new Sonic Light Ribtex II fabric and Sonic Line Design X taping structure to help lift the lower body. Available in Multi-Racer (MR) and Sprinter (ST) options. The MR offers more flexibility and the ST provided maximum compression that optimum for short-distance races. MSRP’s range from $350 for men’s versions to $480 for corresponding women’s suit.