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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Vol 1, Issue No. 33

Footwear Insight
Reebok On Road to Sustainable, Profitable Growth in 2020

The Adidas-owned Reebok brand is returning exclusively to its 30-year old Vector logo and “drop-R” wordmark on its products in 2020 — with the exception of the Delta logo used on UFC and CrossFit items. Reebok is now on the verge of “sustainable, profitable growth” starting in 2020, according to Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted, who predicted as much last week, telling analysts Reebok’s inventory position is “very clean” in North America after completing a restructuring that involved closing outlet stores.

Reebok generated 23 percent sales growth in millions of euros in Q3 ended Sep. 30 to the equivalent of $139.9 million. Worldwide, Reebok brand sales were 5 percent higher to the equivalent of $506.9 million.