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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Vol 1, Issue No. 33

Back-to-School Sales Tax Holidays Set in 16 States

The annual season, generally offering no state sales taxes on the first $100 of any footwear or apparel purchase, kicks off in Alabama (July 19-21) followed by Mississippi (July 26-27) and Tennessee (July 26-28). The Volunteer State also offers shoppers tax-free status on computer purchases up to $1,500 made over the weekend.

The biggest sales tax holiday weekend this summer is the first weekend of August (2-4) when nine states will offer tax exemptions on clothing and school supplies for two or three days. Besides its tax-free holiday for clothing and footwear, The Magnolia State also has a second tax-free weekend (Aug. 30-Sep. 1) for Mississippians purchasing firearms, ammunition or hunting supplies. Meanwhile, Texas includes a $100 tax-exemption on backpack purchases made during its tax-free period (Aug. 9-11). Meanwhile, Florida only allows tax-free status on retail apparel purchases of up to $60 and school supply buys of up to $15 during its tax-free week, Aug. 2-6.

While Maryland residents can make retail purchases of clothing and apparel up to $100 tax-free during a yet-unspecified period in August, Massachusetts consumers get tax relief on retail purchases of up to $2,500 (with a handful of exceptions) on Aug. 10-11.